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We Create the Strategies and Concepts which Power World-Class Luxury Destinations and Experiences

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Plus Curiosity is a Tokyo-based placemaking consultancy focused on creating the strategies, concepts, and curated programmes which power world-class luxury destinations and experiences. Clients include leading international property developers, luxury brands, department stores, and districts.


We believe that in this age of rapidly changing social habits and norms, the only way our clients can be successful is to create distinct identities through strong visions and concepts which resonate with target audiences, a clear sense of social purpose, world-class content, and a sustainable and regularly-updated program of diverse and stimulating cultural experiences.


Placemaking - the process of creating vibrant spaces where we live, work, play, rest and shop in. It helps to foster, unite and strengthen communities, as well as provide commercial and creative opportunities for businesses and brands.

Retail has always played a central role in our everyday lives and communities. However, as our lives have changed, the role retail plays in our lives has adapted.

Shopping centres have transformed into mixed-use destinations, homes to art, culture, experiences, luxury, and community; becoming much more than just a selection of retail brands. Placemaking is facilitating this transformation across the modern world, helping these destinations turn into environments that people want to not only visit, but return to.

We help our clients to meet the changing requirements of modern retail by helping them understand how to interact with their space, and use the placemaking process to create distinct identities.

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Our 3 Core Pillars



  • Our team consists of individuals from different countries and backgrounds who share a diverse, multicultural perspective of the world. 

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  • We specialize in projects targeting affluent and high-end global consumers. This includes both “old” and “new” generations of the affluent.


Gen Z

  • We focus on creating concepts and experiences which resonate with Millennials and Gen Zers - the primary demographic leading the market today.

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