We are a Tokyo and L.A. - based creative consultancy with a focus on strategy, placemaking, and bringing physical spaces to life.

about us

The world we live in today is in the midst of a radical transformation across many fronts and numerous industries.

Seismic generational shifts, smartphones, E-commerce, and more recently, COVID-19, are all coming together to challenge the status quo, and
fundamentally change the way people eat, play, shop, and interact.

In the past, it was enough for the owners and operators of buildings, developments, and districts to simply focus on creating great physical spaces.

“Hardware" - physical structures and their design and layouts - was more than enough to attract people.

However, in the world of today, simply having great “Hardware" is no longer enough. The
cultural activities, events, and pop-ups that happen in a Space - the “Software" - are increasingly becoming the key differentiator of a successful destination, and what makes a “Space” become “Place".

At Plus Curiosity, we help Clients create “Place” by creating a strong vision and strategy, and developing a curated long-term program of cultural activity events, interactive experiences, pop-ups, art installations, and unique F&B initiatives around the core vision.

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