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Our Internship Programme




Colgate University - Geography and East Asian Studies

My time as an intern at Plus Curiosity was truly extraordinary, going above and beyond what I had anticipated. The engaging tasks and projects, coupled with the encouraging team, made each day a rewarding experience. The diverse range of responsibilities kept me motivated to expand my horizons, both personally and professionally. I was not just an intern; I was an integral part of a collaborative team that valued my input and recognized my contributions. The exposure to various departments and projects broadened my understanding of interconnected disciplines. Plus Curiosity's emphasis on personal growth was evident through the learning opportunities provided, which enhanced my skills and industry knowledge. Moreover, the company's commitment to a balanced lifestyle underscored the importance of overall well-being.


University of British Columbia - Economics and Management

Hi, I'm Yuri, a student at the University of British Columbia pursuing a Bachelor's in Economics and a Masters in Business Management. I’m  a Japanese Canadian who has grown up in Canada for my entire life. Working at this company offered me a so much value, and proved to be a transformative and unparalleled life experience. Unlike other "Internship Programs," where participants follow a predetermined program or engage in menial tasks like making coffee for the CEO, i was involved in substantial tasks and responsibilities, contributing to tangible projects rather than routine duties. For instance, I analyzed financial data to help choose optimal franchise partners for an international F&B company. These responsibilities unveiled strengths and areas for improvement for me, highlighting significant room for personal and professional development. Doing this internship ranks among the best decisions in my life. This experience and network will undoubtedly prove invaluable in shaping my future!



University of Oxford - Economics and Management

My name is Shin, I am a BA Economics & Management student at the University of Oxford. I first interned at Plus Curiosity right after I graduated high school, and I continued to do so every summer holiday during university. I learnt valuable skills in task management, slide writing, slide design, and research skills that helped me on many fronts: university, other internships, and my efficiency in general. The people are friendly and flexible and offer a unique, engaging environment.


Harvard University - Landscape Architecture

Hello! I'm Miu, and I graduated with a Bachelor's in Architecture and am currently pursuing a Master's in Landscape Architecture at Harvard. I have always been interested in urban landscapes and public spaces, and working as a long-term intern for Plus Curiosity for two years allowed me to expand my knowledge by researching relevant precedents that provide insight to major developers and real estate agencies in Japan. Not only did the exposure to the field of creative consultancy allow me to reaffirm my commitment to better the urban environment, but it also allowed me to acquire critical skills in research and build a sense of responsibility for my work. The relationships that I have been able to make with the exceptional members of the company are something I definitely wish to cherish and nurture in the future.



Boston University - Hospitality and Communication

Hi! I'm Miyu from Boston University, majoring in Hospitality and Communications with a focus on business. I had the privilege of working as an intern for a year at Plus Curiosity. I was in charge of researching, translating, and formatting the Weekly Newsletter. Through my long-term internship experience at Plus Curiosity, I've developed two strengths. The first one is a sense of responsibility. I was juggling this internship position while pursuing my student life in Boston. With the difficulty of communication due to the time difference, my experience at Plus Curiosity helped me grow a sense of responsibility and desire to fulfill my duties. The second one is curiosity! Researching newsletter topics was the hardest process of newsletter editing, but I began to enjoy exploring things that sparked my curiosity. Theo-san was, and still is a great mentor even after my internship, and I'm beyond grateful to be a part of the closely knitted community of Plus Curiosity. If you are interested in diving into the world of retail or placemaking, this is the place for you!


Meiji Gakuin University - Economics

Hello, I'm Momoka, an economics major student at Meiji Gakuin University. I lived in the U.S. while growing up and attended an international school. Despite being in an international environment my whole life I want to balance both my global and Japanese sides in my future career. As someone that enjoys challenges, my experience with Plus Curiosity’s has been invaluable. Collaborating with the team and other interns has expanded my perspectives and reinforced my commitment to continuous learning and improvement. It was so valuable to be able to learn about so many theoretical concepts as well as get real practical experience. I'm confident that the skills and knowledge I have acquired here will serve as a strong backbone for my future endeavors.

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